“The voice of the people needs to be heard and represented, not ignored.”

-Senator Tammy Nichols

Working Hard For You

Greetings Idaho! My name is Tammy Nichols and I am your State Senator for District 10. I am not a politician, but a peopletician, because I work for YOU! I am a 7th generation Idahoan with deep ties to farming, Idaho values, and a pioneer heritage, I understand that great sacrifices have been made so that we can have the many blessings that we have today.

I am a graduate from BYU-Idaho with a science degree. I also own and operate a small business doing property management. I truly love to serve, and do it regularly in my community, with various organizations, and in my church.
I continually hear your concerns regarding taxes, education, jobs, the economy, growth, government infringement, and much more! I share those same concerns and have worked hard to bring about positive changes that will benefit you, your family, and the state.

We are making great strides and positive changes here in Idaho, but we have more work to do! Truth and liberty need to be restored, and the voice of you, the people, needs to be continually heard and represented— not ignored. I have worked tirelessly to give you back your voice, as well as true representation in government because it is a government by the people. I have also worked hard to keep the government under control and within its boundaries. We need to continue on this path, and keep those who want to change our way of life here in Idaho at a distance.

Idahoans reach out to me all over the state, because they know that I am always there for the people of Idaho and that I work with them and on behalf of them. Yes, I represent a district, but am there to help and listen to anyone. After all, the actions of the legislature affect all of Idaho.

We have seen the concerning actions of the Idaho senate with blocking bills, holding bills in drawers, discounting concerning issues, protecting the rights of the people, flipping on veto overrides, and the list goes on. I understand the problems in the senate and many of the changes that need to be addressed. My record speaks for itself, I take the arrows and I stand firm. I will take this to the senate with me so that we can start making those necessary changes.

I will continue to take a stand against the Biden administration and its Woke agenda. The federal government needs to stay within its boundaries and stop infringing on our state sovereignty.

If you also share my vision, I urge you to continue to work with me and help make it happen! Together, we can make a meaningful difference– for our families, our communities, our state, and our country.

Proven Conservative

Keeping Idaho RED

Thank you for all you do. You put a lot of energy into your job which is very important keeping Idaho RED. We continue to need your help.

Pat Bicknell

Fighting for all Idaho Citizens

Thank you for fighting for the rights of all Idaho citizens.

Sandra Slater

Strong Voice

Thank you for your strong voice for all of Idaho!

Jennifer Lee

True Patriot

You are a true Patriot! I tell everyone I meet what a fighter you are. God bless you!

Kathleen Beynun

Keep fighting

Keep fighting the good fight ! We appreciate the efforts.

Justin Mason

Keep up the good work

Keep up the good work. Thank you for your dedication.

Mark Press

Thank you!

Thank you for working so hard for Dist. 10

Gary Mohr

I appreciate Tammy Nichols

As a conservative member of the U.S. Congress and former State Legislator, I know how important it is to protect individual freedoms, make decisions important to our state, and keep the government in check. That's why I appreciate and support the work of Representative Tammy Nichols. Tammy has championed those principles continually for Idaho, and her hard work is now needed in the State Senate. Please join me in supporting Tammy Nichols as State Senator for District 10.

Russ Fulcher
US Congressman

Fully Endorse

I fully endorse Tammy Nichols for District 10 Senate. Tammy is a strong conservative who has the essential qualities needed in the Senate: strong leadership, people skills, smart and a hard worker, excellent communicator, good listener, respectful, empathetic, and the courage to stand up for Idahoans and our way of life.

Raul Labrador
Attorney General for Idaho

Noble character

I have known Tammy Nichols for the past 10 years and I have the highest regard for her. She is a woman of noble character, is made up of moral fiber and has the courage to stand up and face hard issues and take a stand even when it may not be popular. She stands by her beliefs and ideals and is willing to take on the opposition with class, intelligence and courage! She believes in the United States of America and stands by the Constitution of the United States and is willing and strong enough to defend it. She loves God, her family and this country. She stays on top of what is going on in the world and in her community and works tirelessly to be actively involved and educated in order to help out her community and all those around her. She is honest, trustworthy, personable and fair and never seeks her own glory or pursues her own personal interests to get gain or recognition. I esteem her as a valued friend and know that she would represent our citizens well in this crucial time and season.

Sophia Hodges
Middleton Resident

Will Bring Common Sense Back

I know Tammy will work hard for those she represents in her district and that it's time to bring common sense back to Idaho.

Tom Munds
Caldwell Resident

Will work hard

Tammy Nichols believes in excellence in education, I know she will work hard to achieve this for Idaho's teachers and students.

Edward Wonnacott
Retired Teacher and Police Officer, Nampa Resident

Hard worker

Tammy is very organized, and a hard worker. She has always taken the time to do her own personal, very thorough, and rigorous research on many issues so that she is well-informed. You can count on her to be a fiscally responsible woman of fine character.

Mila Wood
Caldwell Resident

She will stand up

Tammy Nichols has proven time and again that she will stand up for our children and their education. She has a proven track record of doing everything she can to expose big government agendas within our children's education system. She will make a great Senator for District 10.

Greg Pruett
Executive Director, Idaho Second Amendment Alliance