My Record

I opposed a proposed government-controlled employment initiative because I believe in the power of the free market, not socialism, as the catalyst for prosperity. The creation of jobs flourishes when the government takes a backseat, allowing the market to steer innovation and foster growth. (H24)

I stood to preserve the rule of law, ensuring that citizenship and its accompanying rights remain intact without being compromised by illegal activities. It is imperative to prioritize the well-being of American workers, maintain law and order at the border, and safeguard the security of our citizens. (SJM101).

I resisted overreaching mandates because I firmly believe that medical freedom is a cornerstone of a free society. Everyone should have the right to make their own health decisions without being coerced by the state. It is crucial to prioritize safety by ensuring the removal of practices or substances that pose harm to individuals. (S1130)

I've been vocal in advocating for the protection of children in Idaho from irreversible, disturbing, and morally objectionable surgeries. It's crucial to ensure that young individuals are not subjected to life-altering procedures without careful consideration of their well-being and the long-term consequences. Emphasizing a responsible and compassionate approach, I want to highlight that I voted in favor of H71a, underscoring my commitment to this cause.

I remained steadfast in my commitment to safeguarding Idaho's elections by opposing a "Ranked Choice Voting" scheme. This stance was taken with the aim of upholding the integrity, security, and fairness of our electoral process. By supporting this bill (H179), I sought to ensure that the voice of the people is accurately and reliably reflected in our elections system.

I actively supported the reduction of property taxes by voting in favor of it (H292), driven by the conviction that hardworking Idahoans should keep more of their earnings. This commitment extends to respecting taxpayers and preventing government overreach into our wallets. Additionally, I cast a crucial vote to override the governor's veto on this bill (H292), emphasizing my dedication to this financial relief for Idaho residents.

I actively championed the implementation of sexual abstinence education, recognizing its potential to instill values of responsibility and emphasize the importance of patience among our youth. This educational approach not only equips young individuals with the knowledge to make informed decisions but also lays the foundation for cultivating stronger families and nurturing a more disciplined generation. By supporting H228, I aimed to contribute to a comprehensive and balanced approach to sexual education that prioritizes the well-being and values of our youth.

I safeguarded personal liberty by ensuring that no Idahoan encounters discrimination based on their vaccine status. I firmly advocated for and voted in favor of preventing Child Protective Services from initiating an investigation or determining parental rights based on a child's vaccine status. I firmly believe that your health choices are a personal matter and should not be subject to government interference. (S1029)

As a dedicated supporter of educational excellence, I've steadfastly opposed the influence of woke indoctrination, working to maintain Idaho's classrooms as bastions of genuine learning and essential American values. In alignment with this commitment, I cast my vote in favor of establishing a revolving loan fund, empowering new public charter schools to thrive. This initiative provides families the freedom to choose the most fitting educational paths for their children by reducing financial barriers and encouraging healthy competition. Beyond expanding educational opportunities, this bill aims to solidify accountability and transparency within our public education system. (S1043, H0113)

I stood in solidarity with gun owners to safeguard our Second Amendment rights. This bill acts as a staunch defense against ESG initiatives that unjustly target gun owners and businesses, ensuring there's no backdoor registry to worry about. It's a dedication to keeping our constitutional rights free from unwarranted scrutiny and upholding our American values. I personally championed this bill through the Senate, and it was subsequently signed into law. (H295)

I was one of the leads sponsoring a groundbreaking bill and passionately advocated to provide universal school choice for every Idaho child. This historic initiative marked the first time a genuine universal school choice bill made it to the Senate floor. I've consistently been on the front lines, championing the right of every Idaho family to select the optimal education for their children. The essence of school choice is returning power to its rightful place—with parents, not government bureaucrats. (S1038)

I've been steadfast in defending Idaho's fiscal sovereignty, firmly rejecting the WEF/Blackrock ESG agenda to ensure that our state's investments are grounded in economic freedom and traditional financial principles. It's essential to provide additional context, highlighting the importance of this stance in preserving the resilience and self-determination of Idaho's economy. By resisting politically-driven financial models, we aim to shield our state from external pressures and maintain a strong, independent economic foundation. This commitment is reflected in my advocacy against the WEF/Blackrock ESG agenda, as outlined in H191.

As a member of the Senate Education Committee, I've been resolute in opposing the intrusion of the woke ideology into our public education system. I firmly believe that our classrooms should prioritize core American values and genuine education, rather than becoming platforms for indoctrination. Whenever the left attempts to impose their agenda on Idaho's children, I stand ready to oppose the indoctrination, actively safeguarding our educational standards. This commitment is evident in my involvement in legislative efforts such as S1176, S1100, H163 in committee meetings.

I proudly stood against foreign influence, specifically from China, encroaching on our Idaho farmlands. This decisive action underscores our commitment to national security and economic independence, ensuring the preservation of Idaho's rich agricultural heritage for the prosperity of future American generations. It's a resounding message that our land is not open for sale to foreign powers. (H173)

I took a stand to protect Idaho's youth by addressing the need for improvements in our public libraries, specifically aiming to keep explicit content away from children. This initiative is part of a broader effort to enhance the learning environment for kids, ensuring they have access to educational resources without the risk of exposure to inappropriate material. By supporting H314a, my goal is to contribute to the creation of safe and wholesome spaces where young minds can flourish and grow.