Tammy Nichols has proven time and again that she will stand up for our children and their education. She has a proven track record of doing everything she can to expose big government agendas within our children's education system. She will make a great Representative for the people in District 11.

Greg Pruett

Executive Director, Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

Tammy is a very organized, and a hard worker. She has always taken the time to do her own personal, very thorough, and rigorous research on many issues, so that she is well informed. You can count on her to be a fiscally responsible woman of fine character.

Mila Wood

Caldwell Resident

Tammy Nichols believes in excellence in education, I know she will work hard to achieve this for Idaho's teachers and students.

Edward Wonnacott Retired Teacher and Police Officer

Nampa Resident

I know Tammy will work hard for those she represents in her district and that it's time to bring common sense back to Idaho.

Tom Munds

Caldwell Resident

I support Tammy Nichols' in her campaign for District 11, Position B, Idaho State Representative. Tammy understands the role of an elected representative. It is to give voice to the voters of the district. A representative does not sponsor bills for the sake of sponsoring bills, nor does she pass more laws to regulate what we the people ought to be doing for ourselves. A representative "represents" by giving voters the means to help themselves. She demands problems be solved at the lowest possible level and that voters have a voice in solving those problems. Tammy Nichols is a champion of local control and of keeping government close to home.

Mary Ollie

Idaho Teacher

I have known Tammy Nichols for that past 10 years and I have the highest regard for her. She is a woman of noble character, is made up of moral fiber and has the courage to stand up and face hard issues and take a stand even when it may not be popular. She stands by her beliefs and ideals and is willing to take on the opposition with class, intelligence and courage! She believes in the United States of America and stands by the Constitution of the United States and is willing and strong enough to defend it. She loves God, her family and this country. She stays on top of what is going on in the world and in her community and works tirelessly to be actively involved and educated in order to help out her community and all those around her. She is honest, trustworthy, personable and fair and never seeks her own glory or pursues her own personal interests to get gain or recognition. I esteem her as a valued friend and know that she would represent our citizens well in this crucial time and season.

Sophia Hodges

Middleton Resident


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"If you have been Endorsed by the RLCID we at the Gem State Patriot will second that endorsement. Go get em." TPB

Recommended for the Primary Election by the Ada County Tea Party

“Tammy Nichols is the clear choice for pro-Life voters in District 11. She has a long and proven history in the pro-Life movement. It is a blow to lose Gayle Batt in the Legislature because of her sterling pro-Life record, but Tammy’s election would help ensure that Gayle’s pro-Life legacy is protected and advanced in the years ahead. By contrast, none of the other candidates in the Republican primary responded to our questionnaire – a troubling sign. Please join us in supporting Tammy on Tuesday.”

David Ripley
Executive Director
Idaho Chooses Life